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Jason McReynolds - Interim Pastor

Jason was asked to pastor the church after their long-time pastor, Dr. Ballard, retired from a lifetime of ministry.  In his role, he has challenged the church to make changes and is working hard to prepare them for the future.  Jason is married and has 3 elementary aged children.  He loves seeing what God will do in this church and is passionate about seeing people start and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Becky Lewis - Administrative Assistant

Becky is the one who keeps the church running!  She is always working hard making sure the behind-the-scenes tasks are done.  Becky has 3 grandchildren that she loves deeply.  She also loves Jackson Avenue Church!

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Jackson Avenue Church began in 1845 long before the area of town it is located in was called the Irish Channel, the Garden District, or even before Uptown.  At the time it was called the City of Lafayette.  The church's rich history spans over 170 years and has seen it's share of growth, decline, and tradgedy.  However, the one thing that has remained the same is that our Heavenly Father has been with us through it all.  At one point Jackson was the largest church in New Orleans.  At another point the church caught fire and burned to the ground.  The people of this great church realize that the building, as amazing and monumental as it is, is not the church.  They are the church.  They have worshiped in homes and in the parking lot while the building has been rebuilt or renovated.  They are not deterred by the things of this world that attempt to discourage.  The people of Jackson Avenue Church just continue to worship Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through it all.



Service 9am (childcare provided)

Fellowship & breakfast 10am

Sunday School 10:30am

2221 Chippewa St. New Orleans, LA  70130

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